Banks and Financial Institutions

Given strong financial and technological interconnections, a successful attack on a major financial institution, or on a core system or service used by many, could quickly spread through the entire financial system causing widespread disruption and loss of confidence. Transactions could fail as liquidity is trapped, household and companies could lose access to deposits and payments.

Supply chains introduce increasingly interconnected attack surfaces as the financial institutions have complex, interdependent supply chains.

Credential and identity theft continue to accelerate, compromising the credibility of the institutions and mechanism.

Data theft and data manipulation stems from new vulnerabilities and cybercriminal behaviors as threat actors continue to target data and their motivations often go beyond theft to include destruction and disruption.

Emerging technologies, especially deepfakes and 5G, advance cyberthreats naturally because as technology rapidly advances, cyber-defenders and adversaries alike are exploring means of using cutting-edge tools.

Destructive and disruptive malware attacks spur multiparty and cross-sector targeting and threat groups leveraging ransomware are targeting multiple related parties at once globally.