Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0

There is huge demand from the industry to provide connectivity for their OT network to the IT network. The requirement carries risk of compromise along with advantages of connectivity.

Nearly all forms and types of ICS infrastructure could become victims to types of cyber attacks because of the replacement of traditional electro mechanical logic controllers of control systems with embedded operating systems and microprocessor devices.

The use of internet working technologies, adoption of commercial off-the-shelf(COTS) equipment, open designs, standards and technologies, increasing size and functionality of systems, increasing dependency on IT workforce, lack of personnel training and updates in security, change management, necessities for continuous operations that preclude changes or upgrades, use of legacy systems with low memory or processing power that refute strong security mechanisms among others.

Threatagents could include: attackers, bot-network operators, criminal groups, foreign intelligence services, insiders phishers, spammers, spyware/malware authors, terrorists, andindustrial spies.

Having external entities connected to the network even via a firewall poses tremendous security burden on IT, OT and Security departments to ensure continuous control and production continuity.

By micro-segmentation, Terafence offers peace of mind to both IT and OT knowing that assets are isolated from attacks and only relevant data flows out from the process to the Cloud or other IT services.