Oil & Gas

Oil and Gas Industry

From pipelines to refineries, oil and gas companies are maintaining critical infrastructure that is a prime target for cyberattacks. With growing threat vectors and threat surfaces, the legacy systems as firewalls or threat monitoring solutions are not alone capable to meet the security demands of the industry.

To reduce the risk of being hacked, many facilities are “air gapped,” or isolated from public networks. But air gapping is not foolproof or practical, as hackers can still use creative methods to exploit security holes and access assumed secure internal networks or compromise critical devices through man in the middle attack. Air gapping also restricts data flow from ICS to cloud or servers where they are mined for further analysis and improving the productivity.

SecureOT is the next best thing to air-gapand effectively overcomes the limitations of air-gap as it offers data flow from ICS/SCADA system to IT environment but entirely restricts data flow irrespective of the type of data other way around or it still offers a configurable mechanism to send selective commands to the ICS via out-of-band control channels.