Critical Assets of National Importance

Critical Assets of National Importance

Allows to interconnect network segments of unequalsecurity classification without exposing the devices/network to hacking/malware attacks.

Air-traffic control, complex railway systems, traffic light control, power distribution, nuclear facilities, space research etc. are assets which have potential to bring entire nation to a standstill if fallen prey in the hands of cyber-criminals.

ICSdriven critical infrastructure systems are strategic targets for sponsored state actors, criminals, terrorists, and hacktivist, given the serious impact and disruptions it will cause on society.

The uninterrupted and correct functioning of ICS is crucial for today’s society.

SecureOT one-way data connection protects the integrity and availability of critical assets in Industrial Control Systems (ICS) networks. It enables you to securely utilize the benefits of business intelligence integration while preventing all cyber-attacks, abuse, and even human errors.